Tradition and quality

Our cheeses are the product of a rigorous selection of raw materials and craftsmanship.

From the pastures of Sardinia

From the grassy expanses of the Marghine comes the best milk for our cheeses.

Pecorino Sardo
Pecorino sardo prodotto artigianalmente
High Quality since


For us, making cheese is a family affair that began a long time ago

A passion for milk and a search for the best raw materials

Since the early 1950s, we have been selecting and marketing the best milk produced in the pastures across the whole of Sardinia. For us, producing high-quality cheeses is the culmination of a natural path that focuses primarily on quality.

  • High-quality raw materials
  • Craftsmanship
  • Respect for the dairy tradition

The Dairy

The dairy originated in Borore in the locality of Ulmos, within the Marghine area, a territory particularly rich in natural pastures. Numerous pabular qualities impart optimal nutritional elements to the milk that comes from these areas.


In our cheeses you will experience the genuine taste of milk thanks to the craftsmanship and the use of natural raw materials.

The Marghine

Our milk comes from the pastures of Marghine, an area of Sardinia particularly rich in grassy expanses, with climatic and biological characteristics that strongly favour the growth of various pabular essences.
Pascoli del Marghine Sardegna Italia


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