The Marghine

Our milk comes from the pastures of Marghine

An area of Sardinia particularly rich in grassy expanses, with climatic and biological characteristics that strongly favour the growth of various pabular essences.

This biodiversity means that, in these areas, the flocks’ feed is particularly rich in noble nutrients that give the milk, produced by these animals, a fragrance and organoleptic profile of the highest nutritional value. This is subsequently found in the products obtained from the milk’s transformation. In fact, some studies have found a very high phenol content in milk samples taken from these areas, making the products derived from the milk excellent adjuvants for controlling cholesterol levels.

In our territory, the flocks are raised in the wild, in the countryside, in an almost uncontaminated environment and in full compliance with animal welfare. The milk is collected daily and delivered to the dairy for subsequent processing.

Pascoli del Marghine Sardegna Italia
Marghine Sardegna Italia
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